The Aerobic Bin provides a badly needed solution for food waste collection which :

  • Avoids the mess and smells associated with collection systems
  • Offers the opportunity for significant cost-savings
  • Stands out from other collection systems, and offers opportunities for brand enhancement and getting messages across
  • Is compatible with existing collection systems and waste processing technologies
  • Is proven, robust and easy to use
  • Enables the alignment of the interests of all the stakeholders


For the wide variety of commercial users from restaurants to healthcare providers and schools the Aerobic Bin removes the problems associated with bin smells, avoids the need for bin washing and takes away any confusion over which bin to use.


For metropolitan and other local authorities, Aerobic Bins remove the “yuck factor” for householders, demonstrably providing a platform for a step-change in user attitudes and recycling rates.


The Aerobic Bin is a container which has ventilation slots and spacers designed to support a bag which, with its organic waste contents, is easily emptied into a conventional collection
vehicle. The bin is designed to exploit the gas-permeable or “breathable” properties of kraft paper and cornstarch sacks and bags. As the name suggests, and as proven in trials, it enables the organic waste contained to be kept in aerobic conditions whilst at the same time facilitating the waste reduction effect.