The Aerobic Bin is the brainchild of Richard Rand. Initial work on the development of the technology has led to collaborations with a cross-section of organisations within both public and private sectors. This has lead to the technology being proven under operational conditions, ensuring that it can be accommodated without disrupting normal waste management practice.

It is now widely understood that disposing of food waste in landfills has adverse environmental consequences and is a massive waste of resource. Separate food waste collection is very much on the agenda, but brings with it all sorts of issues associated with mess and smell. If we are to achieve a revolution in food waste collections which removes it from landfill and enables its use as a resource, these issues must be addressed. There needs to be a major shift in the behaviour of people – in the home, at work and the way business manages its discarded material.

The Aerobic Bin creates an opportunity to bring about a step-change in the attitudes of today’s sophisticated customers towards more sustainable behaviour. “We’re all responsible” is a signal of such a change of approach which includes the crediting of the customer with a desire for proper explanations, and a raising of expectations. An important starting point is to provide the customer with tools actually designed for the task and fit for purpose. Interest in the technology has progressed beyond the UK and mainland European markets.

The Aerobic Bin Company has been building relationships with well recognised major plastic product and sack suppliers to be able to respond to changes in demand for bins of a range of sizes and associated consumables