As well as variations in operational needs, there can be big variations in the nature and moisture content of food waste depending on how it is generated – for example, at an outside event, in a fast food outlet, a restaurant or a food processing business. Advice is available on operational instructions to staff as well as matching sacks and their supporting containers to the requirements of the user.


For a commercial user faced with on-site operational use of bins and a need for temporary storage and collection, the Aerobic Bin offers:

• Removal of related problems of bin cleaning, odour, flies and maggots.
• Significantly reduced levels of contaminating materials by removal of confusion in the mind of sometimes temporary operational staff.
• Weight reduction effect leading to lower collection/processing costs.

The use of the Aerobic Bin provides the restaurant, school or other business organisation with the confidence to commit fully to the recycling of organic waste. In turn, it opens up possibilities for marketing initiatives and enhancing the brand of the waste collection service provider or the waste producer’s organisation.