The Aerobic Bin Company offers a product range of containers in different formats plus sizes and sacks and bags to match.  The containers are each designed for use with both kraft paper and cornstarch sacks and bags.  Recommendations on choice of bags and sacks are based on both the needs of the user and the nature of the food waste stream:

• 80 litre aerobic wheeled bin
• 35 litre aerobic bin with handle
• 20 litre aerobic bin with handle
• 8 litre aerobic kitchen caddie

It should be noted that organic waste settles and reduces in volume – almost 40% weight reduction has been recorded over 2 weeks (reference UCL trial) – and net capacity of sacks or bags is quoted for the sizing of containers.   Designed for collection every two weeks, for example, the innovative 35 litre container offers the cheapest solution for handling food waste. The choice of sacks or bags will have a significant impact on outcomes in terms of operational performance, customer engagement and cost.